Oxford Park is a new concept on a European scale. It is a medium-sized, long-term project aimed at creating a much better living and busines environment than exists in many other EU countries. It includes sustainable development of the area, which is funded by known EU investors, funds and certain subsidy programs. Oxford Park offers an outstanding opportunity for residents and business to ensure a sustainable way of life by preserving the environment and improving the quality of life for future generations.
Below is the list of local and international media press-releases concerning the Oxford Park project, which explain more about the project.
Press Release list
 Press coverage summary 2011
Oxford Parkis alustati haljastustööde planeerimisega
В Оксфорд Парке началось планирование работ по озеленению
Oxford Parki tuleb Euroopa esimene universaaltankla FuelBar
Oxford Park - Eesti esimene Smart Grid
Oxford Park - 4th largest biomass unit in Estonia
Oxford Park - Eesti suuruselt neljas biomassi energiajaam
Congratulations Mr. Developer (click on the picture)
Oxford Park - new 200m Euro sustainable project launched
Oxford Park - Käivitati uus 200 m Euro suurune kestlik projekt
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